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Let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than finding a mouse, or worse, a rat in your home or business. Not only are these creatures often riddled with diseases, but they are more than capable of being destructive and dangerous to your home and family. If you own a property with a crawl space or basement, these are the perfect spaces for rodents and wildlife to go unnoticed. If it takes an extended amount of time for you to notice these uninvited guests, they can eventually multiply by the hundreds in as little as a few months.

Not only do rodents create an unsanitary living environment, but they can also cause a considerable amount of damage to the foundation of your home, stored belongings, and outdoor vegetation. Let our team protect your home or business from rodents and wildlife with our expert extermination and inspection services in Lincoln, IL.

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Signs of Infestation

We understand that no one wants to spot one let alone hundreds of rodents or wildlife creatures in their home or business. However, one rat or mouse doesn’t mean that your property is infested. So how can you spot a rodent infestation? Great question! Rodents are sometimes tricky to spot, but here are a few key signs to check for in your home or business to spot an infestation.

Rodents are curious and social creatures that don’t like to be alone for long. If you spot a mouse, rat, or wildlife animal in your home or business call Logan County Pest Control today! We have over 49 years of experience tracking and removing rodents throughout central Illinois.

Mouse & Rat Infestations

Generally, mice and rats are more of a common issue in rural homes and businesses that live close to open fields or abandoned structures. However, they do find ways into suburban homes through open windows, doors, or broken foundations, making them hard to spot right away.

Our pest control experts at Logan County Pest Control inspect every inch of your property to determine where your pest issue started and how severe the issue may be. This will allow us to determine the best place for traps and baits to be set. Don’t worry, we will always work around you and your family to ensure your safety in the meantime. Give us a call today at (217) 737-7378!

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