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Quality Residential and Commercial Pest Insect Control Services in Lincoln, IL

Since 1971, Logan County Pest Control has been providing Lincoln, IL residents with quality and effective pest control services. We know that a home or business owner’s worst nightmare is to find a pest infestation in their basement, attic, or even in their frequent living spaces. If you discover a pest issue in your home, don’t panic! Our experienced technicians have a variety of solutions to get rid of any pest imaginable.

Let our team restore your home or business and keep them free of pests with our top of the line preventative solutions. Call today to speak with a professional exterminator regarding our pest control services.

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Residential Pest Control

When it comes to the safety and comfortability of your home, Logan County Pest Control is here to ensure that your property is protected from harmful pests all year round. It’s no secret that pests including spiders, ants, termites, bedbugs, and even mice try to find their way into cozy homes for prolonged warmth and shelter. If you happen to notice that your home is experiencing higher numbers of pests than usual, it may be helpful to call our team to identify and remove the issue as fast and efficiently as possible.

Many pests like rats and mice can carry diseases and insects like termites can completely ruin the foundation of your home. Don’t wait until it’s too late, call Logan County Pest Control for expert pest control services today.

Commercial Pest Control

As a business owner, we know that you have dozens of concerns that need to be handled daily. The last thing you need is having to worry about the infestation of pests in your building. That’s why Logan County Pest Control is the top choice for commercial pest control services in the Lincoln, IL area. We offer pest removal solutions to a variety of businesses including restaurants, office buildings, construction sites, hospitals, retail stores, and more.

Don’t try to solve the issue yourself with harmful chemicals that could be toxic to you and your customers, call our expert exterminators today and let us do the dirty work for you.

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Insect & Pest Control

Your home is undoubtedly one of your most expensive and important investments. Unfortunately, harmful pests like bedbugs, termites, ants, and even rats don’t consider that when damaging your homes’ structural integrity. At Logan County Pest Control, we have over 49 years of experience removing all types of pests from homes throughout Lincoln, IL, and the surrounding areas. Make sure to call us first if your home is experiencing any insect or pest issues.

The health and safety of our clients is our number one priority. Let our team keep your home clean and free of insects and pests with top of the line pest solutions designed to target your specific problem.